Half way there 

Well we are half way through the holidays I am surviving, we are surviving I’ve done more with the children than I give myself credit for, I think alot of the time I feel as though I am not doing or giving them enough, but I am doing and giving them as much as I can and that’s good enough, we have just got back from a fab trip to my Mum and Stepfather’s  in gorgeous Herefordshire where we went to Gifford’s Circus in the Cotswold’s which was amazing, it’s things like that that I hope the children will remember. I am grateful to my parents who help to give the children fantastic experiences, next week my Dad is taking  us to the seaside I really  feel though for the families that really really struggle in the 6 wks holiday, we are a family of five on one income and we struggle as everything is so expensive, food, the cinema and even bus fare, art and craft materials can add up in price, food triples in price when the kids aren’t at school which must really affect those that are used to free school meals, and then after spending all that money just entertaining them for 6 wks we have to buy new school uniform and shoes, havent worked that bit out quite yet I certainly don’t panic about that as much as I used to, we will get there, by child three you begin to relax a little more about these things. Its all a learning curve. Hope that you are all surviving the summer but don’t feel pressure just do your best. 


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