When less is more

I am a massive fan of Emma Bridgewater and Cath Kidston and floral and vintage which I have written about before, I love looking at people’s collections on facebook and instagram but for me I find having too much of one thing overwhelming I love collecting mugs but can fall out of love with them as quick as falling in, I only have enough Emma Bridgewater and Cath Kidston mugs to fit on my mug trees and only have ones that I really really love, and I have to use them, I dislike having things gathering dust and hidden away in cupboards,if they are not used or loved I sell on or give away to charity, I also dislike having too much ornamental things sitting on shelves it clutters my mind, and bothers me. Similarly with my clothes, shoes coats and bags if I don’t love them or I don’t wear them or they don’t fit me, I do not keep them, there are only so many dresses /skirts I can wear so I tend to stick to a capsule wardrobe of key colours and pieces that I can mix and match with a raincoat, a dressy coat and a few pairs of shoes, I only use one or two bags that go with the things that I am wearing and I dont have lots of jewellery as I forget to wear it, I only wear red lipstick and red nailpolish, nude, brown or black eyeshadows, I buy very little beauty products only when I run out of one thing I would buy another one I have one perfume until I run out of it. The Less choice and decision making I have to do, the better, too much choice and I find myself not choosing anything, life is complicated enough without having extra decisions I swear by the book by Marie Condo “spark joy”the magic art of tidying up that explains this method completely, focusing on what you want to keep and love and use, I really recommend it, in a later blog I will give some tips on my capsule wardrobe my minimal makeup bag etc, thankyou for reading.


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