More like surviving 

So its the second week of the summer hols I dont pretend to look forward to them or particularly enjoy them which I have written about before, I find the lack of routine stressful and struggles and juggles financially along with unpredictable british weather, we seem to just get through it all by the skin of our teeth the best way we can, I want to enjoy it, I want it to run smoothly I want it to be full of fun and laughter, but I find I just feel like the kids arent having as great a time as others that they are missing out somewhat, although I try my absolute best to create “fun” activities and themed days etc I  have two younger ones that bicker constantly and my youngest son is also quite lazy too then I have a nine year old on the “Tweenie”emotional hormonal rollercoaster of life some things too young for her some things too old, she doesnt want to go where the younger two do and is quite happy to live in her pyjamas for six weeks, my middle child the overhelper/ overtaker wants to follow me around “helping” me to the point where I feel stifled and crave some alone time that “five minutes peace” yes I do feel like the mummy elephant in that where I cant even go to the loo without there being screams fights and arguments I love them all dearly I really really do but I am counting down the days to where normality resumes again and I can have a cup of tea in peace.


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