Bin collections a load of old rubbish 

Thanks “friendly” dustman who put the “clean york” sticker on my surplus binbags this morning. Gone are the smiling, whistling, kind men that would carry our bins from our yards and gardens and take them back again, instead they huff and puff and refuse to take any bags that are sticking slightly out of our now regulation wheelie bins, or if the lid won’t shut, despite great efforts to squish them down , it wont do, and then they throw them randomly down the street afterwards leaving a trail of mess and take great delight issuing  “naughty” stickers along the way. For your information Mr Dustbin man bin police I wasn’t expecting you to take my surplus,  you never do, I was just putting it out ready to completely fill up my emptied one again, to fester for two weeks until you empty it again and I repeat the process, how these regulated bin rules help to keep city’s tidier and less full of waste I will never know as I have a family of five,  I recycle and I am careful about cooking from scratch,using up leftovers,not having too much packaging etc yet every week I have an overflow of bins and recycling, this was worse when all three of my children were in nappies,  I’m not allowed to have a bigger capacity bin until 6 are living in the house,  I don’t have a car to go to the tip myself,  so it is a never ending cycle of disgusting, wet maggot infested binbags,smelling and festering in the heat and being clawed by cats, whether you collect them now Mr binman or in a fortnight those binbags will still all end up in the same place and will not disappear, I will still produce as much waste and recycling and so will many other families and then some people on their own will hardly fill their bin at all so my extra fewbags and other peoples will make up for their lack of waste, making it all the same in the end and all at the same place, why council do you think that this is a good idea ? I would happily pay extra for bins to be collected weekly I would snap your hand off Mrs Council Lady for a bigger capacity bin for my extra refuse but I don’t want another child to be able to have one, I want those friendly dustmen and women back that treated us, our binbags and bins with care, and I am too old to be issued a naughty sticker thanks very much, please council sort it out .  .    …..  


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