One day more till summer

As I am writing this the children only have one more day left of school till the summer hols, as we wrap and write teacher’s gifts and cards,  the children feel a wave of excitement of the long days ahead whereas my heart slightly flutters with dread and fear trying to think of plans and ideas and ways to fill up the six weeks with stuff and plans and fun and entertainment , gone are the days where cocopops pjs and starwars vhs on repeat will surfice kids these days need entertaining and “stuff” and exciting  themed days of baking and craft and trips and museums and buying things,  I feel more stressed in summer time than christmas,  all the rules and routine and order that I crave to keep sane and function goes out of the window,  6 weeks of mess and disorder and squabbling and having absolutely no time to myself is afore,  but it will be ok I have survived 10 child filled summer hols so far and will survive again and am determined to try to relax and enjoy it as much as possible and now the children are getting old enough to entertain themselves a little I am definitely going to fit some me time and 5 minutes peace in there aswell,  we all as parents feel that we must cram in as much as possible into our little ones summer but remember they are exhausted too and need some doing nothing days,  its ok to have some telly days and pj days make summer your way not the expected wayxxxxxmuch love 


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