To all the “pickyeaters” and their parents. 

I wanted to tell you all I understand, I understand what it is like to be scared of eating and trying new foods of feeling overwhelmed by a plate of food infront of me,  that eating vegetables is like asking someone to eat a slug or a snake or a giant bug,  I understand what its like to not want to eat at all sometimes or to eat very little,  to eat the same plain foods day in day out to then go off them suddenly just like that for no reason at all,  to be frightened to eat in a restaurant because it is unfamiliar territory like eating in a lions cage,  to be nervous to eat at other people’s house’s incase they give you food you can’t eat, to smell every little bit of food before it enters your mouth,  to be grateful for the Wonder ful parents who understood,  who went with it and who stood up in front of Teachers at school when questioned why my packed lunch only contains a plain breadbun and a KitKat, who never moaned having to study each restaurant menu before daring entering to check if they served frenchfries or garlic bread or to beg with waitresses to make me plain spaghetti with nothing on it “yes just as it comes straight out the pan, yes plain”  or please could my teenage daughter still have a children’s menu,  or to smile and confidently say to the Tesco cashier who asked how old the children were that  the babyish children’s alphabetti shaped food and mini yoghurts she was buying was actually for her 18 year old. 

I wanted to tell you all that it’s ok it will get better, yes it’s hard and frustrating but go with it because one day those foods will get less scary and the restaurant list a little bigger,  it did for me yes its a struggle sometimes and as a Mum myself of three children I try to go with my own children’s food requirements and  I try to eat better myself but don’t get cross it’s not being fussy or picker or a phase.  For me and for many it was a genuine fear I didn’t want to find food difficult but if it was made a big issue or I felt like I was a nuisance or a pain it made me worse. 

School Teachers please don’t judge a child or their parents by the contents of their packups or snack, yes we all want to be healthy we know what the “right” foods are but sometimes we just can’t eat those foods for many reasons, our children need to eat but they dont need judging for it or stopped eating certain foods because then we might not eat very much at all and because as we grow we will work it out and sort it out ourselves, it’s our body and we need to choose what goes in it yes we dont always make the right decisions but we will one day in our own time. 
Thankyou to my Mum, Dad, Stepfather and Brother and husband for supporting me always much lovexxxx


4 thoughts on “To all the “pickyeaters” and their parents. 

  1. Thank you for this post! My daughter is the pickiest eater out of all three of my children. I’m so happy you posted in regard to being judged by what we pack for our children’s lunches. The judgement is terrible. I’m NOT going to pack something that a. My daughter won’t eat or b. That she will vomit trying to swallow it. I’m just happy that she will eat! Thank you, Milly, for ALL your posts!

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