You may say I’m a dreamer but I am not the only one. 

All our lives there has been War, Bombs, Destruction and Devastation, atrocities fighting and hate but all our lives there has also been Campaigners and Activists and d

Demonstraters and heroes and helpers and great workers of the NHS and police and armed forces and heroic members of the public that show such kindness.  

When such awful things happen in the world it can often make people wonder what is the point in it all?  what a horrid world we are bringing our children up in, we can hide away from the world and experiences we can wrap our children in cotton wool. We can live in fear or we can come together,  we can become stronger,  we can try to make it better, we can show our children all the good people and the great acts of heroism and kindness and coming together in communities, we can embrace all people we can love and smile show our children how to be accepting of all, because above all else we can’t lose hope hope that one day the world will be a better place just like John Lennon said “you may say I’m a dreamer” but I really do hope that I am not the only one xxxx 

We love you Manchester xxxx R. I. P ALL those LOST and all affected by this weeks events xxxxxxx


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