SOMETIMES It is hard being a Mummy.

As a Mummy, many of us strive for perfection, to be the best Mummy we can be a Super Mummy, a Crafty Mummy a fun Mummy, a Sporty Mummy, a brilliant Baker, a cook, a maker of all things, a solver of all problems, a squidgy hugging Mama bear, a Juggler, an Acrobat, a Nurse. Sometimes trying to be all of those things makes you feel like “The cat in the hat”piling all of the different things on top of you, at risk of falling over, of tripping up, of dropping things.

We can only be the best version of ourselves, and that is pretty blinking ok. We just need to open our arms as wide as possible and hug and love and twirl and dance and laugh and smile and enjoy it as much as we can because we are so so lucky to call ourselves a “Mummy”to hear those words from a little persons mouth. It is a miracle, a privalige, an amazing thing, and we get to hold that little person, to love them and to help them to grow and develop and become the person they are going to be, don’t waste time trying to prove anything, there is only one Mummy like you and your children love you just the way you are so on Sunday laugh and smile put your feet up have a cup of tea and drink it in, drink in the memories and the love and the moments ,Mummys are awesome, you are awesome. HAPPY MOTHER’S Day. IMG_20170324_131828_602.jpg


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