Milk memories

I was thinking about my younger days and childhood today, the things that we no longer have that were so much a part of everyday life years ago, I crave recreating some of that nostalgia and memories for my children as part of their learning and development.

I am getting my weekly Tesco shop delivered this evening it costs me a fortune and stresses me out, I often lose my booked timeslot as I am carefully browsing through each section and offers and deals and favourites very slowly  I try and get the cheapest options and best value thinking meticulously about what we will eat what will go to waste what to buy what we need, getting carried away in the kids section buying brightly coloured non spill juice drinks and innocent smoothies and mini sized fun things that are meant to be reasonably healthy anything to tempt my picky children into eating as well as I can.

Alongside that I try and pick fairtrade and eco friendly products trying to do my bit for the world, trying to think more carefully about what I buy, especially as at church last week we were reminded about fairtrade fortnight and I do want to support it as much as I can, in my student days I worked at the bodyshop and admired Anita Roddicks business ethos, remembering how the body shop was such a large part of my childhood,and of many in the 80s and 90s bodyshop at home parties strawberry  shaped soap brightly coloured endangered animals on  tshirts and washbags, that familiar smell and the comforting knowledge that aswell as being great products it did something great too, yet somehow we have forgotten about it along the way no longer do receive my white musk gift set at christmas and nice smelling soap, yet The body shop still very much exists we have two in our york high street and an outlet shop, it reminded me to remember it again and use it again.

Alongside all these memories I remembered Milk the sound of glass bottles tinkling in the early hours, whistling milkmen and taking it in turns to pick it up off the doorstep and put out the empties, what happened when did milk for most become giant plastic bottles you can barely fit in the fridge ot carry, no longer do you know your milkman or postman or  chemist or Gp anymore they are just anyone, we have lost that familiarity of yesteryear and I want it I want it back so much.

Today I hunted for and found a dairy still doing glass milk bottle deliveries I am so excited and soon will hear that clink of glass bottles again, I have ordered a vegetable/fruit box delivery too to show my children where things come from and to support local businesses and farmers, we wonder why the world is not such a friendly nice place anymore but it is up to us to keep traditions and memories alive to get to know our neighbours and to be friendly and kind because then our children may carry it all on tooxxxx





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