What if the hokeycokey is what it’s all about 

I am an overthinking thinker, a worrier of everything I even worry about worrying, I take on the wars of the worlds and troubles of all and carry it all upon my shoulders, things that really  I need not.

 I want to take the woes and torment and hatred of the universe and turn it all around and make it all better, but it is too big a battle to take on, too big a load to carry that I inevitably fall over, collapse with the weight,explode and overflow like a volcano errupting and I realise I can not make it all better all on my own, just little me. I sometimes wish I did not think so much, but I am constantly wondering and pondering about the point of it all, the reason for our existence, do we just live each day to just get old and then die what is it all for? 

I try and live simply in a world where we are all so overtaken by social media and electronics and constant noise I crave silence and peace, and  stillness. LIFE is so short in the whole scheme of things and I need to be happy and enjoy the little things and have faith that I am taking the right path to feel content and secure and guided cos if the hokey cokey is realy  what its all about I want to be in that circle and be part of that dance going in and out and shaking it all about as much as possible with my whole self in and I am not going to worry about the bigger things anymore. 


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