The lead up to christmas (a break from social media) 

I used to love the lead up to christmas, the shops filled with festive promise, the colder weather, The adverts, the boots gift catalogue, excitement, the lead up, the magic but as I have said in other blogposts, since having children  I also find it a time of great financial stress and strain and overwhelment, it is a time where I feel the need to take a break from social media, feel overflowing with things to remember, things I need to get, lists, cards, gifts events snd occasions, my legs feel like they are carrying heavy weights on them and tasks seem harder than usual. It is a time where I need to sit back reflect and relax and prioritise what christmas really means and not be taken over by expectation, to me christmas is a time to relax and to enjoy the company of my family to appreciate them and enjoy the days spent together, it is a celebration of jesus birth and the importance of church, the singing of carols, the sharing in nice food. Togetherness, love and thanks, homemade gifts and twinkly lights and trees and making happy memories. It should not be a time of worry stress and distress, and hardship. 


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