Simplify your life 

Something Im really passionate about and have written about before is the art of decluttering, of organising and simplifying your life as once you do it cuts down stress, it declutters your mind speeds up decision making and keeps your living space tidier, it is an ongoing job however if you have children or other people in your house that dont help you to keep the home organised and clutter free, but if you are passionate enough about it it can really make a difference I reccomend reading the Marie Kondo book, which goes through each room and suggests ways inwhich to tackle them it talks about precious things and how to let them go if they have no use to you, I found it so enlightening and helpful, I love it when I only have one handbag on the go that I really really love , one coat that I wear everyday, One scarf,enough clothes that I adore and wear all the time but not too much to choose from as I do not like being overwhelmed everyday like a kid in a sweet shop, I like capsule wardrobes that all mix and match.I only have shoes that I will wear, mugs that I use very few ornaments that I dont need to dust. This lifestyle isnt for everyone and some people may think me odd, for I have very little attachment to material things, unless I use it find it beautiful or significant. I do have little obsessions for a while I collected lots of Emma Bridgewater mugs until I realised I had far too many to use, then I had a fondness for cushions, then Cath kidston dresses then green things and now gold things but I do try to be rather ruthless and sensible with what I purchase. To know when ive gone too far had enough and no longer want nor need. I try to encourage my children to do the same and am a big donator and customer of my local charity shops when Im having a declutter. Im not done yet I still have that drawer full of randomn rubbish, and far too many knives and forks but Im getting there. 


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