Things can change in an instant

Its funny isnt in life how quickly things change people you were once close to become like strangers so suddenly, people you thought cared or that you thought you knew well you realise You didnt know really at all, and they didnt know you, and people who were there one day are gone the next.

 Things that once mattered SO much are no longer significant and things you thought you needed you never really needed that much at all, For one day you may wake up and no longer be able to do the things you once could, or make the decisions you once made, you may no longer get up and walk away or pick up the ornaments from the shelf to dust, you are still alive but a different version of yourself no longer independent, still and silent, just waiting, waiting to be moved ….. waiting from the sunrise to the sunset you are waiting, and the things that mattered are just things, collections, piles of accumulating stuff, drawers of random to do lists, spare keys youve forgotten what for, old batteries, elastic bands and till receipts records of the past of the life you once lived that you will never look at again, the book still turned at the corner of a page from a story long ago, the ticket stub from a journey you once took, the odd glove who never made its way back to its matching other half, all the time that you wasted, all the efforts you made with people who didnt care, you look down at your tired hands that once did so many things and you wonder what was it all about what was it all for, is this it????


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