A Decade of parenting

Next week my beautiful girl will be ten years old, ten whole years of having her in our life aswell as being my biggest girls tenth birthday it also marks ten years of being a parent, A decade as a Mum, Mummy, the hard times, the fun times, the lonely times, the sleepless times, I wanted to write a post about the things I have learnt as a Mum during that time. 

I remember how scary it was bringing Poppy home for the first time, this precious little doll that we thought would break, that we didnt dare put down even for a minute, the pressure I felt breastfeeding and being this tiny things only source of nourishment and comfort not daring to drink a cup of tea hot, taking her with me to the toilet  and everywhere, feeling like I needed to eat my food quickly incase she should need me, but I felt so in love with this beautiful little thing, yet lonely at the same time for every single thing now revolved around this little person and I did not know who I was anymore, being a Mum was far scarier than I expected it to be, and far harder too. 

Before she was born I remember being so excited for all the things we would need to buy reading mummy and baby magazines,working it all out getting things ready, tiny outfits, tiny shoes, latest gadgets and gizmos and comfort blankets and cot blankets etc travel systems and carseats, it was only when I went on to have Maisie and Ben I realised alot of these things weren’t needed, weren’t any good, weren’t used, hats that were worn once, soft shoes that fell straight off her feet, organic nappies that leaked all over, dresses that she never got to wear, more toys and books than you could wish for, why didn’t someone tell me, though I guess part of being a new parent is discovering that for yourself what works and what doesn’t but I think I would have appreciated some advice, it doesn’t just stop there as they grow it’s all about weaning and potty training and bed routines and which book to follow, what bowls spoons and cups to buy, following organic baby food books to the letter until your child eats a rich tea at toddler’s and realises there are much nicer sweeter things in life than butternut squash, ricecakes and raisons, aswell as trying to work all these things out you have to contend with the different groups of mummies and toddlers and baby massage and music groups and tumbly tots. When it comes to having subsequent babies, you are lucky if you can even find a hat or socks or a matching outfit, you are lucky if you can even make it to a toddler group on time with a toddler and newborn in tow, their napping routine becomes whenever you are pushing them in the buggy to and fro and their toys are whatever your toddler throws at them or your keys or a remote controller, and their weaning routine is a mashed up version of what you are feeding your toddler, and you give up on the traditional wooden toys and sensory baskets you envisioned because the annoying musical light up plastic flashing toy and peppa pig on your phone are the only things that will keep your little one entertained, and you realise that it is nothing you expected it to be at all, your strong willed little girl will not wear floral Cath Kidston and bows in their hair however much you try because they are their own person, their own little amazing individual and nothing you ever read in a book is set instone and you have to trust your instincts and go with what works for you and your child and just love them and hug them and hold them and enjoy it all  as much as you can and not worry too much because it wont be long until that tiny little thing turns ten, and you wonder how it all went by so quickly..oh and only buy tommee tippy sippy cups and maclaren strollers cos everything else is a waste of time xxxx much love 


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