Thanks overpriced shoe shop but we’ve broken up with you. 

Having grown up knowing the importance of good shoes upon ones feet, properly measured and properly fitted and perfectly practical, I with tiny feet and super narrow ankles could never have the princess “Magic Steps” shoes with the key underneath that I so longed for, the super shiny patent numbers that were all the rage I had to have the plain Maryjanes in every colour they came in as they were the only style that would not gape and slip off my dainty toes, the school shoe shop was never that great for me after trying on many pairs yet  leaving with practically the same shoes again and again but there was something quite exciting about that green box at home awaiting with that permeating smell of newness, the knowing that school was nearly upon us, I loved all the clean shiny new things I would get to wear on that first school day, it was a feeling of nervousness with excitement, of the new adventures to come.I was lucky my parents could afford to go to the big green shoe shop for me every year without fail until I wouldn’t be seen dead in those geeky numbers and only Barretts or Dolcis platforms would do. 

When my children were little I felt instilled to carry on the properly fitted footwear tradition and it was lovely to buy my eldest daughter’s first shoes pretty “crawlers” and “walkers” and with a free poloroid snap to mark the occasion, to add to that never quite finished baby scrapbook, and every year thereafter we carried on until child number three needed school shoes too, the factory outlet shop became a suitable alternative for a few years and it did us well, snazzy ipad characters sizing up the children’s feet, toys hidden in the bottom of shoes, light up heels if they happen to have any in their size still left after half a day waiting for that ticket number to appear on screen, and spending a small fortune only to have to repeat the process again by christmas, for little feet grow very quickly and shoes get scuffed, this year we had the children’s feet measured but we bought elsewhere for the first time, I am pleasantly surprised by the cheaper alternatives, the mid price ranges that yes do not have the fitting ranges of  the alphabet but seem as good a quality at a snippet of the price, we will see how they go, but I think that big green shoe shop should think about those families with multiple children and lower incomes, buying on average three pairs of school shoes per child, per year, when I can buy adult shoes from them in the sale that last me years, how can they justify such high prices, our children’s little dainty feet are so important and we want them to fit properly,to help their developing forming feet, but for many families it is just unaffordable. So thankyou shoe shop, but this year I am afraid we have broken up with you.


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