My love for Cath

I have always loved vintage style patterned prints quirky things and floral since my childhood filled with laura ashley duvet covers curtains wallpaper and dresses with a bit of rainbow striped clothkits thrown in, mixed with the modern style of habitat in the 80s surrounded by Art prints and paper lampshades with a littlebit of 90s Ikea  I was inspired by my Mums love of all these things too and that our family home was an eclectic mix of all the things she loved. I have been very influenced by that now that I am grown and my house is a real mix of old vintage/retro pieces and quirky modern, I remember when Cath kidston first became well known walking in a CK shop was like walking into to a happy place of comfort, and I loved it.At first I had the odd bag and mug and teatowel etc but More recently I have been getting the clothing and I just love it particularly the skirts and dresses, they make me feel so jolly, they remind me of my childhood clothing, they are just so me and I have acquired quite a few pieces recently I love how they can be worn in so many ways and all year round, they make so many women feel great too, I have met and got to know many great ladies through the love of Cath and have even made a lovely friend, Cath kidston is such an inspiring lady too what a fantastic brand it is and it continues to bring out more and more great prints fabrics etc each season, I dont think I now could possibly fall out of love with it,it will never tire and I hope to still be twirling in my skirts and dresses for many many years to come.


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