There’s no place like home

As I have said before I feel as though I hadn’t really grown up until I hit my thirties, now at 34 I am more and more comfortable with who I am, what I look like and who I want to be, I still evolve as time goes on but I am enjoying getting older, caring less of what others think, stressing less and loving and laughing more, spending time doing the things that make me happy and being with the people that make me smile, my anxiety levels are improving all the time thanks to a tweak in medication and I am thankful and grateful to those who support me and love me no matter what and for all that I am flaws and all with my little eccentricities, but I am still just that Alice trying to find her way through wonderland meeting many characters on the journey,sometimes feeling big, sometimes feeling small or sometimes feeling not myself at all, just that Dorothy clicking her heels meeting a few supportive friends along the way helping to guide her. Easing down the road called life,skipping through the forest with some obstacles along the way. Finding that place called “home”.



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