My Grandpa has just passed away and his funeral was last week, I wanted to write a post about how wonderful he was, and although we were all sad of his passing after a battle with cancer his funeral was such a lovely celebration of how much he was loved, and what a great life he had, in the Army and  as Driver for p and o,there was laughter and some tears in his quiet small but lovely humanist service.  I will remember him so fondly, a quiet but ever so kind and gentle man who would make us allsorts of things from wood my favourite being a big wooden play shop and he was happiest tinkering in his shed or shopping in bargain shops on a saturday , he bought us the most wonderful presents at christmas time and carried that on with my children, and every year we would get a Ringtons hamper from him near christmas time, a man of few words but strong in opinion when needed, he and my Grandma (who died ten years previously )were great, He let my Grandma shine and be the centre of attention passing her the phone whenever anyone rang, quietly washing up at family gatherings always there in the background but a strong presence all the same, I remember styling his hair with a comb and brylcream, I remember his and my Grandmas love of dogs and dogshows and his hobbies of reading and watching old western movies, where he would become so engrossed in the film it was as if he was in it, whenever I eat Fish and chips or Battenburg  cake and drink Dandelion and burdock I will think of them and whenever I  hear Judy Garland I think of My Grandma and I do hope they are both up there “swinging on a star” together like the song my Grandma used to sing, I am so glad to have had them in my life, and glad that my children knew my Grandpa too


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