Blog I still need you and its ok to give up things

I have been realising again lately the things and the people that really make me happy that enrich my life and the things that really dont, I guess this blogpost has become a friend to rant to when I need to I thought I didnt need to lately but now Ive realised sometimes I just do. When people you thought you mattered to in life the people you thought were genuine that “got you” that were your friends arent at all and they really dont get you at all and perhaps I dont get them either ?? I can be just as negative for some as they are for me and thats ok once you realise it and move on, Its ok because then you meet people you didnt expect to meet at all and they “get you” instantly they are the ones that matter the ones that probably will stick around because there is no need for falseness and fakeness and lots of effort their company doesnt exhaust, it lifts you and makes you smile and feel happy for the rest of the day they are the special ones to cherish, I have never been comfortable in groups of women I much prefer friendships with a few great women from different parts of my life one on one where I can engage with them fully but in order for me to have that I have to have a great connection with them otherwise I am completely lost as to what to talk about  but if we have a comman interest, a spark I can talk all day, I need to feel completely comfortable with that person to be my true self too without feeling judged or misunderstood, in my thirties I havent the time for Feuds and Dramas and fall outs in the playground, and that is why it is ok to drop out or give up or cut off from negative relationships and situations and group activities that make you uncomfortable, it has taken me a long time to realise I can do this, I find it hard, I hate fallouts I dislike ungenuine people and I have had many upsets before now but I want to be able to trust my friends implicitly and to know that I am not being talked about negatively behind my back, Its ok if people dont like me too but dont be false and dont pretend. Support and empower women dont hate on them, be true to yourself, be you and if people love you enough they will love everything about you even the tricky parts.  Thankyou wordpress blog for letting me open up again speak soon xxxx


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