10 years

I Know I said I was stopping writing these for now but I could not let such a significant date go without acknowledgement, this Thursday My husband and I will have been married for ten years, ten years ..so long it seems and yet so short so filled with memorable moments yet a whirlwind at the same time there have been many ups and a few small little downs but most importantly much  laughter and love for those two things are the most important part for without which we would not survive as I have said many times Adam is my Bestfriend, my soulmate, he makes me laugh everyday and as the years have gone by and we have grown from two to five our love and partnership have strengthened. We said a few years ago that on our tenth anniversary we would renew our vows or have a big celebration and because our children didnt get to be a part of our first and they love being involved in weddings but as the occasion has got nearer and we have become so confident and happy in the solid partnership and marriage and family we have we dont need it wedding/party gatherings can cause stress and upset amongst wider family too and can cost such alot of money for everyone else to have fun and eat cake so instead Adam and I will remember our great wedding together and our memorable moments that have filled our ten years and we will eat cake with our beautiful kids for that is all that matters Happy wedding Anniversary Adam heres to the next ten and many more after that ….



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