Nowadays when I look at myself in the mirror I often see my Mum staring back at me, when I am doing certain things I hear her voice inside my head, I have her hands, her feet, her mannerisms but I do not have her strength and confidence and determination, I wish I did. I miss my Mum always, most days especially when I am walking around town shopping and I wish I could just meet her for a coffee and  I often ring her and tell her so, but I know that I am lucky, I still have my Mum, there are so many that don’t, those that will find Sunday really difficult and I am very grateful to have her even if she lives so very far away, it’s funny though however much of a grown-up, and a Mum of three I am as soon as my beautiful Mama walks through the door I revert right back to being a child all over again needing her to pick me up and put me back together again like she always has. It’s funny but like I have said before in last year’s Mother’s day blog sometimes as adults we need our Mum more than we ever did as an adult your Mum is like your bestfriend, adviser, and comforter all in one, that never changes even when we grow up, and I would love nothing more than as I grow older to see me turning into my Mum as I look in the mirror because my Mum is great and beautiful and everything I would like to be.. Happy Mothers day Mama I love youxxxx


One thought on “Mama

  1. What a lovely blog.thank you so much. I am equally as proud of you and love you my beautiful daughter just as much. Have a lovely day tomorrow with your beautiful children .they love and appreciate you very much too. Lots of love xxxxx

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