Parent Pressures

I am really pleased that my three children go to a caring fantastic community School where they never put  pressure on parents for “extra”events or activities or contributions or bakesales or competitions or raising money for this and that, that afterschool clubs are plenty and free, that trips are of lowcost, life for a family of five on a low income  is hard enough without having extra pressures from schools, on World book day today isnt it enough to read some books together, to encourage reading, story writing, meet authors,visiting libraries ot getting book vouchers, to celebrate the wonderful world of literature, the importance of reading with our children, the magic of sharing in a book or a story with others or sometimes on our own. This morning I was glad to not have to help my children to “dress up” and take that  photo to show all on social media pages to show off to others as to me it seems that it is mostly all for the parents anyway, especially those that are great at making things or have the money to buy a fancy costume but to others it can be a nightmare trying to please your children trying to “magically” turn them into their favourite character, running round the shops desperately or asking friends to borrow things because they dont want their child to be the only one not dressed up or not looking as good as others, this is not a positive message to encourage surely ? and it’s funny that when a school doesnt participate for good reason in something it is often the parents and not the children that seem to be the most dissapointed?? Im certainly not as today I shall read with my children as I always do everyday and be grateful for books and reading and stories….Happy World book day xxx


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