Taking on too many projects

Since having more free time as the children are all at school, and in the process of rediscovering myself, there is so much I want to do and achieve that I find I end up not really completing any of it, I love crafting but I want to do it all so much so that I end up struggling to finish handmade projects and crafts, which just causes me frustration, instead of concentrating on one thing I try to tackle it all at once, I find I can’t start anything crafty unless the house is completely spotless so by the time Ive done what needs to be done I am too tired to start or carry on with my “projects” Im sure many women  and Mums feel the same as we all try to cram in so much into a short space of time aswell as being super housewives, or amazing career Mums whilst being Child entertainers,Teachers, nurterers all at the same time, we feel our crafts, hobbies, fitness, projects are an outlet to our busy routines and lives, but we also give ourselves such a hard time if we dont achieve everything we think we should or give up on things weve volunteered for or courses weve started I guess I just have to stop giving myself such a hard time and do what I can.


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