What I would give you if I could.

Oh what I would give you if I could this Valentines day, anything you could wish for, anything you could say, I would fulfill your dreams and adventurous schemes,  I would whisk you away for a year and a day, and we could go anywhere just holding hands, with wind in our hair and our feet on the sand, we would talk stuff and nonsense and laugh of many things and stuff our face with allsorts of food, live like Kings, We could make music and dance all the night and one day, one day, one day we just might, but all I can offer is just little me and my smile and always a warm cup of tea and my promise that I will always be here no matter the day, the minute, the year and over the years my love grows and grows with every wrinkle and dimple it flows and I couldnt imagine a day without you  here, for you fill my heart with such warmth,joy and cheer, you hold me up whenever I fall and you make me feel tall when inside I feel small. So here on this Valentines day, I haven’t a gift but I just wanted to say. …….


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