A few of my Favourite things

In life we all seem to have far too much, far more than we need, so much that it clutters our lives, and our minds as a busy Mum of three young children Decluttering is my biggest job, I am constantly giving away bags and bags of stuff to charity but I wonder in the process how did it happen? How did cupboards and drawers and boxes and our lives get so cluttered up, because we have over bought?that we have  things that we thought we needed at the time?or because things that other people have bought us being kind or as presents and it can be hard to let go I am thoroughly ruthless and getting more so as the years go on and I am the only ruthless one in the family, it’s not that I don’t have a sentimental side, I do but there has to be a limit on what we can keep and places inwhich to store it, we dont have a large home or much storage space but even if we did I would still declutter as if we are storing things away and out of sight did we really need or want it that much in the first place? When I think of this and after I read The japanese art of decluttering it really rings true for me, that we only really need things in life that we really use or really feel has an important meaning to us, I always try and remember this when sorting out the home why have hundreds of towels if we use wash and then reuse the same few,why have ten coats when we always wear the same one or we use the same bag or always walk in our one pair of favourite comfy shoes, we are lucky in our society and country in others still they do not have a coat or any shoes, I urge you all then to all have a look in your cupboards and wardrobes and have a good clear out, give to those less fortunate or swap unwanted items with your friends, it will give you a sense of happiness and will simplify your life and calm your soul,it may not happen straightaway and am not saying you cant have collections or buy pretty things its just about having a few of your favourite things around and when they no longer are your favourites anymore dont be afraid to give them up. Xxxxx☺


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