When it’s ok to say No

Lately I have been wondering whether we all do things sometimes because we feel we must, or have to or because of expectation, or because we feel we must please others, even when it doesnt please ourself, even when it causes us stress, discomfort or financial strain, as an anxiety disorder sufferer I try to think about these things, to realise the things that I want to do, over the things I feel I should do, the things that make me happy, spending my time with positive people that make me smile and uplift my mood and spirit and soul, that its ok to say no to something and not even have to give a reason or an excuse as to why. To know my limits physically and emotionally and to avoid the things that heighten my fears and anxieties wherever possible, the most important thing is our own emotional and spiritual health, one must tune in to our bodies and minds to declutter our heads aswell as our living space and to get rid of negative emotional baggage or regret from things of the past it is then that we can feel at peace and happy with who we are and where we want to be and the things we want to do, life can be such a short journey but we must choose the path we want to take and those we want to take on it and where the journey ends noone knows but we can steer ourselves in the right direction.


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