The modern day struggles in family life

I wanted to write about financial struggles of the modern day family those that suffer are the ones who on the face of it look well off in well turned out clothes, a nice looking home, kids with everything they could want and need and more, yet underneath it all are facing debt that they cant pay off, high rents and no chance of getting on the property ladder, yet not quite ” in need” enough to get social housing, or much extra help with costs, living in fear of failing direct debits, energy bill arrears and high bills, where one parent or two parents earn money but not enough to comfortably live on, where all meals have to be strategically planned added up, fruit and snacks counted in order to last the week,where indulgences such as nights out, treats and outings are few and far between because they are unaffordable, or will cause money problems later on in the month, birthdays and christmases and other occasions come with extra difficulties, where parents eat cereal or toast or go without food in order for their children to not suffer or miss out, where even a luxury of a coffee in a local cafe is often not an option, where staying in is always the new going out.

Yes it could be worse much worse and many people suffer much more, but those familys in the middle who are suffering a silent battle often with depression high stress and anxiety levels, and finding it hard to find a way out trying their best to live as best they can in a society where costs of living is constantly rising and wages are staying the same, where using catalogues and loans are all they can turn to sometimes and it is so tempting and accessible wherever you look.I hope it will get easier in life as I worry about my children suffering when they grow up, for now all we can do is be grateful for the things we have got and live life as best as we can.


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