Always Time for Tea

I have written about my love of tea before but I can never tire of talking about the stuff.

Oh how I love to invite my friends to share in a cup of tea, to feel warmth and comfort from that pot made and poured with love into a hug from a mug, one can chat so much around a pot of tea, the modern Mothers equivalent of dancing round handbags is to sit and share tea and the odd cake if lucky, If I could just sit and sit all day and just drink tea and chat and laugh and talk stuff and nonsense with those that I love, with the friends that make me smile, fellow tea drinkers that too delight in the loveliness of tea, of polkadot teacups and pots, and other lovely things and like to put the world to rights.

Whatever the weather, whatever the day, there is always time for tea. It solves any a problem, captures every moment, every teardrop, heartache, special moment,any occasion of happiness or sorrow, joy or grief. It wakes me up in the morning and helps me to sleep, it is my comfort and my normality,it calms me in stressful moments and it quenches my thirst. It is my elixer,life’s best medicine and the solver of all things. ..and on that note I shall put the kettle on “join me for a cup?”


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