Those January Blues

The start of a new year, the endless possibilities, blank pages to fill, new chapters to write, goals to achieve, resolutions to keep It can feel so positive to some, exciting and challenging, but it can also feel like alot of pressure. Since the start of january whenever Im watching television there are endless adverts about holidays, losing weight, moving house, getting fit, joining gyms, buying new furniture. It can make you feel pretty rubbish about yourself and your life and home, making you feel as though you need to change things, that you arent quite good enough just as you are, children see adverts about perfect dream Disney holidays and the ideal family breaks in forests or beaches where everybody is happy but it isnt reality, many have to turn to debt charities at this time of year people are struggling to pay bills and make ends meet, making up for christmas indulgences they felt pressured to buy. January to some can feel very dark and long and dismal indeed and it can be hard to see a way through it, soon easter eggs will be hitting the shelves and it will be spring before we know it, time goes so so fast, dont beat yourself up if you cant do these things, dont feel bad if you cant lose that weight or achieve that fitness level or take the family on that holiday, live for each day, each moment one step at a time, at your own pace, and just try and stay happy and healthy and if I achieve just that in 2016 then that is enough for me.


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