Out with the old in with the new

As much as I love having the christmas decorations up, as soon as christmas day is done I feel an overwhelming  need to put things away declutter, get rid, clean thoroughly and resume normality, I didnt really enjoy christmas this year sadly, I felt exhausted from it all I had lost the magic I once had and found it very hard to feel remotely jolly and festive not without want of trying, the children had a lovely time, they had a perfect amount of presents not too many, the food and drink was plentiful, the company great, but I didnt feel it and the days since have seemed long and empty, Ive never been a big fan of new year celebrations either but am looking forward to spending it quietly with my family playing games in our warm comfortable home. I feel lucky to have not been affected by the terrible flooding happening in my region and for that I am thankful, tomorrow I like many will be reflecting on the past year which has been hard but I look positively upon 2016, and will make many usual promises to myself : get fitter, eat more healthily, be more organised the normal things and most of all in this harsh world full of war and hatred and fighting I long for peace and happiness and love to all …happy new year readers


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