Why I wont be cooking christmas dinner

My husband and I decided a few years ago after having some stressful christmas days, that no we are not going to be chained to the kitchen for half of christmas day to make such an effort and such a fuss over a glorified “Sunday dinner” we are not going to order our christmas food from Marks and Spencers or Waitrose just because, we are not going to spend a fortune on a rather large bird that takes forever to cook and I am certainly not going to “Stuff” one or prepare it just to sit down to a meal eaten within ten minutes and  spend the rest of the day washing up, clearing up and scraping oven trays. I will not be running around like a mad thing buying food “must haves”on christmas eve, stressed out and left penniless in order to have a “perfect” christmas meal, my children would much prefer a lazy day in pyjamas, eating chocolate and party food that they can pick at when required, and my husband and I can spend every moment enjoying the opening of presents, and being together with our feet up,and a glass of red unstuffed, unstressed, and with a sense of calm.


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