Tis the season

As I sit by my beautiful christmas tree lights twinkling, candles burning, the smells and comfort and warmth of the season I sit and wonder, I try and feel the magic, the thrills, the wonder, instead I feel the infinite lists of things to do, the things I want to do, the things I feel I need to do, the endless advertisements of the perfect christmasses, the expensive toy adverts, the best food, it leaves me feeling strained and overwhelmed, and rushed, my weekends are full up with visits and occasions, people to see,and with that I lose the magic, the real meaning of christmas, the love and joy of it all, as I sit and sew and knit and make handmade meaningful gifts, and crafting cards I put my heart inside them, with them I give my love, part of me, to me they are what christmas should be, not the expense, the stress the worry, the expectation as a Mum to make the day perfect. All I really want for christmas is love, my family, snuggles, and to enjoy it, to drink it in, to evoke happy memories, the appreciation of one another, to share in food  however small,whatever its cost and meaningful gifts and to just be together, it is the season to be jolly and I will wear my “jolly”jumper with prid
e and a smile but I will not promise that it will be perfect but it will be our christmas and thats good enough for me …..so from the words of my favourite christmas song “have yourself a merry
little christmas,let your heart be light”



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