Moving forwards

Hi readers I havent written for a while as alot has been going on in my life, My eldest daughter has been ill and my youngest daughter has had her tonsils out,all ok now thankfully! but its been pretty hectic and I havent had much time to myself, I have had to leave my college course as it wasnt working out , but after that have helped at a fantastic community arts project which now has had to close sadly, but it made realise what I want to do, I am a creative person,I love art and creating and helping people in the community, I do hope that in the future I will be able to work more in community arts.

For now I am getting back to crafting, making homemade gifts for my family for christmas, looking forward to the festive season, I am reconnecting with friends that I havent seen for ages, that mean alot to me, and I am trying to enjoy my life. I am feeling positive for the future, the importance of looking forward, feeling blessed for the lovely things I do have in my life, my gorgeous home,wonderful husband, beautiful children, my anxiety has been low which is great and I feel happy for the first time in a long time, yes we may struggle there are still many stresses worries and strains but I am learning to worry less, what will be will be and we will get through it , we will look forward there is no point in regretting and  looking back, for the past has gone, we must live for today, life is short,such suffering and tragedy in the world, I am lucky, life is so short, be happy, embrace every moment,  love each other, be yourself, be kind to everyone… LIVE life xxxxx love to all xxxxx


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