The little Art space.

This last few weeks have been a learning journey, a journey of self discovery, of my wants and don’t wants, my strengths,my weaknesses and my limits. I have had lots of lows, and obstacles, but I have got through it, and now feel happier than I have for a long time, because my lost soul, was searching for something to be a part of, something that fitted, something to fulfill my heart, and my free time without taking priority over my precious children and husband and home life. Last week I found it right on my doorstep, just around the corner, a place inwhich I can incorporate all of my talents and skills, experiences and passions, where I can help and meet people, where all are welcome no matter what, from all ages and walks of life, a place where there aren’t any limits or rules or regulations, where freedom and creativity can soar, be encouraged, inspired, a place to be.

for the first time in a long time I have woken up excited about the day ahead, the things I can do, the people I will meet, I feel as though I have met my pink haired fairy godmother who has allowed me to become a part of this magical place, I am feeling very thankful and look forward to this place evolving, and becoming a place to be for many, and establishing itself in the community.


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