Poppy my beautiful eldest girl nine years ago you came into our lives,from the moment you were in my tummy I knew you, I knew exactly what you would look like and I even knew you would have curly hair, I almost cant remember a time without you, you grew and came with us everywhere, a part of me of Adam, of us and that has never changed, you grow more beautiful everyday, your imagination amazes me, we are so proud, yes you are the stubbornest thing, but with that your strong mind and funny personality reflects your beautiful freespirited soul, I love that you are a bookworm, a thinker,a creative, a writer, a fabulous caring friend;you are everything I wanted and more, I love the grown up girl you are becoming, I love that you feel you can be whoever you want to be, and that you can tell us everything and anything you ever need or want to, we love you with all our heart, more than the whole world and back again. I am really looking forward to spending time just you and me tomorrow, those days are my favourites, and even though you are poorly we will take it slow and enjoy every moment. Happy birthday my Poppy Izabellax


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