..The Bird, the Tortoise, the Hare and me

I’m sorry that sometimes I haven’t the ability to run, that sometimes even getting out of bed is like competing in a marathon itself, I am sorry that some days I need to hide away, in silence,that sometimes just the noise in my head is louder than a million conversations, I’m sorry  that some days Just being is all I have the energy to be, and sometimes even that is too hard, too much, I am sorry that some days I can be on top of a mountain, a doer an achiever of many things a hare, fast, and fearless, winning.Other days I am as slow as a tortoise, rolling downhill, failing, fearful, tearful. Losing the battle, the strains and stresses of life, my mind is ever whirring, unable to stop, I could be oh so many things and I try, but sometimes I need to just find me, the honest, kind, funny, creative me, that is sometimes a bird trapped in a cage wanting to fly, many people have given me the wings, and the wind beneath in order for me to do so, but I need to take flight, to take my own steps, or stay in that cage peering out, wondering, pondering, I may not make those steps,  or feel that wind just yet but I know that it is there ready and waiting to carry me and support me and that bird, this bird will take flight one day, it just needs a little more time..


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