The importance of hair

I have always loved hair, how a great haircut and colour can make you feel, how a new dramatic change and look can make you feel like a new you, renewed, and full of confidence, I love how experimental one can be with their hair, and can change instantly from one look to another.

I have always been dramatic in my appearance almost chameleonlike, inspired by icons of my youth such as Madonna, I was brought up never to be scared of standing out, being proud of my individuality, embracing diversity, ¬†being confident in my femininity, I have had every colour you can think of and have gone from long hair to pixiecut to bob at the blink of an eye, as well as hair I am experimental with my clothes and makeup, trying every look from every era and embracing many a fashion success or disaster, finding me in the process or the many eclectic elements of my personality that make me ” me “somedays I fancy slubbing it in t-shirt and jeans, converse and pixie cut other times I want to be a flapping twenties girl with black Bob and pearls, sometimes I want to be a 1950s housewife with florals and curls, other times I want to let out my inner goth wearing black in a psychobilly dress and other times I want a rockabilly dress and polka dot headscarf.

How lucky I am that I can be all these things that they are all a part of me. I am thankful for and fascinated by the fashion icons, designers, hairdressers, eras that have gone before me, stand up and be proud of who you are, the things you love, go out and get a great hair cut, be experimental, be the beautiful you that you are inside and out.


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