Autumn Days

I can’t help but feel quite excited for Tuesday, where my routine will return again, the house can be quiet again, and normality returns, I know some Mums dread this and won’t agree with me at all, but others like me will be slightly squeeling inside, I haven’t found the Summer holidays easy at all and have “survived” them rather than enjoyed them, I love my children but in the holidays, I struggle to amuse and entertain them, to stop their constant squabbling, of course there has been some lovely moments, time away at my mum’s and Dads trips to Brighton and museums, but the ” in” days, the rainy days, the days where nothing will please them, the days where I have felt stifled, longing to breath,have time on my own and a break, longing for silence, and the days where we have a time to get up at, a place to get to, I need routine in my life, the Summer holidays mess that up somewhat for me, they emphasize the need for busy schedules, and I look forward to it returning on Tuesday, when I kiss bye bye to the children in their shiny new shoes. I love Autumn and September it is my favourite time of year, dark nights and cozy candlelit evenings, Tights and cardigans,Halloween and bonfire night, and I love the start of the school year for the children,all the excitement, blank pages to fill, New friendships, bright clean new uniform, a sense of a new beginning, on Wednesday I will be back to school too, back to college to start a new course, I will be a Student again for the fourth time in my life, training to be a hairdresser, I am looking forward to a new focus in my life after being a full time mum for the last nine years, exciting beginnings for us all, I too will put on a uniform, and have many a blank page to fill, I will keep you posted on how it goes .


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