I sit and wonder

Nine years ago two people met and fell in love and had three beautiful healthy children, but from the start they struggled, not in their love,and marriage, for that grew and grew and their partnership got stronger and stronger, but times were so hard and finances were always difficult, they managed to get through by the skin of their teeth just, all they wanted was to be happy and to manage, and to love and bring up their children as best as they could, but luck never really came to the family, however much they tried, despite positive thinking, love and care, honesty and kindness to others, both suffered in their health and well-being with the stress and strains and complications and obstacles that came their way and interfered in the happy loving normal life they hoped for, and I sit and wonder why? Why do kind lovely people have bad things happen to them, why is life so hard, so complicated and not at all as they imagine, what do people who do nothing wrong do to deserve, such hard times,worry and despair? As I sit and wonder and hope and pray for better times ahead I remember why those two people fell in love and the three beautiful children that they made and I try and remind myself how much they are worth the struggles, that things must happen for a reason and that things will work out somehow. One day. …


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