Getting fitter

I have been wanting to get fitter for a while but am probably the most unsporty person in the world, I have tried lots of things in the past but have never really stuck to anything for long, I am quite unfit but do walk everywhere as we don’t have a car, I never sit down for long as there is always something to do and the children send me up and down the stairs at least a hundred times a day, but I know that I should do more exercise to keep healthier now that I am approaching mid thirties, I want to be healthy for my children, to have more energy and keep up with them when they are scooting home from school.

Anyway I decided to try the mobile phone app Couch to 5k and have so far completed the first three sessions, it is a good thing to attempt if you are unsporty and unfit as it gently eases you between short bursts of running and walking, the whole session is only 30 minutes and will gradually build me up to a full 30 minute run in the end, if I ever get there, at the moment the first three sessions have been tough, and I do feel a bit silly doing it, but I am determined to keep going, I am not sure I will ever love it or become a “runner” but I am having a go and for that I am proud of myself. I will let you know how I get on xx


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