aaaaah its the holidays!!!!!!

For many Mums the thought of seven weeks holiday with the kids, fills them with excitement all the things they can do, the places they can go. For me the thought of seven weeks out of  the school routine with my three children fills me fear anxiety and dread, what will I do with them for that long? where can we go?I just envision chaos surrounding me, and  a very untidy house, I pray for good weather so that we can  make use of local parks and picnicking, to be out of the  house as much as possible, yet without spending much    money as our finances are always tight, I used to dread the  holidays when they were little even more when my saving  grace of Toddlers and baby groups would suddenly stop, but   at least then a Teddy bears picnic, sand and water play  would suffice, at the time I didn’t enjoy it but look back on  those times more fondly than I realised, for now I have    children with strong personalities and expectation, always  asking where we are going and what we are doing next, it’s  a lot of pressure and even nice planned days out or activities   become unenjoyable  with three clashing children, who I  struggle to please, whatever we do, wherever we go, even  parks are becoming “too boring” for my eldest, Museums too ”  long ” for my youngest who pulls my arm the whole way  round as he just wants to go in the gift shop at the end, and  just playing at home is impossible for my middle child who       seems never happy playing at home, where she fights to be  heard or feels left out.

I am going to start the holidays trying to establish some kind of plan or “to do” list to keep me slightly more sane,  I feel that I need to reestablish rules for a happier and tidier home environment, hoping that the children can get on with each other, that we will be able to do things together, rather than splitting apart, I am trying to think positively about the weeks ahead I will keep you posted as to how it all goes, how do you cope in holiday times with your children? What works for you Do let me know xxx.


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