When Kids have too much

My friends and I often discuss the fact that most of us feel that our children own too much “stuff” must have toys at Christmas that are forgotten about by January, infinite baskets and boxes of dolls, figures, cuddly toys and art and craft items, never used, rarely touched, hardly played with, the amount of things my children have “always wanted” the things my husband and I regret buying for them, the amount of money spent, it is awful to think about, I am pretty ruthless and encourage the children to sell things, or give away unwanted toys to charity wherever possible, and I am constantly clearing out cupboards and drawers, yet it never ends, each year at birthdays and Christmases, my husband and I say that we will not buy them “faddy” things, we will spend less etc and we do try our best but by boxing day I often despair at the piles of things infront of me that will probably only be enjoyed for a few days until put away and forgotten about amongst the other boxes of “stuff”.

I love christmas I love giving, I love the whole lead up, the magic, the excitement, the joy of children’s faces onChristmas morning, but I don’t like the stress of it, the pressure, the over the top buying of things for people, unwanted things, unneeded things, things that we feel we should buy, as I get older and since having children I see how the real meaning of Christmas has gone and instead it is about the presents, the toys, the expense, the expectations and the pressure all for this one day that is over before we know it and is often never as good as we expected it to be, leaving people with guilt, disappointment, debt and financial difficulty.

I know I know it is only July, you must all think I am bonkers even thinking about it now, but as a mum of three I need to be prepared, It will be here before we know it. This year I really am going to be sensible, I will make homemade gifts wherever possible, I have tried this in the past but have often left it too late, not this year, I am already preparing, I have started to make my cards already, and have begun to think about what I can make and do, as I would much rather give something that I have made with love, for the people I love rather than buying things they neither need nor want. I will let you know how I get on .


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