Change for the better

A year ago I made a big decision for our family and decided to move the children to a different school, for many reasons but mainly because the children and me and my husband  weren’t happy with the school, and I felt that it wasn’t what I expected a primary school to be.

When I looked around the school the children now go to I was sure straight away that it was the right school for us. The fantastic friendly staff and Teachers, the positive, caring atmosphere, it’s Community involvement, it reminded me of my Mums Early years Centre up north and the places I had worked at in my roles as a playworker.

A school that really cares about its children and families, that encourages progression of its students in a positive encouraging way, rewarding and commending achievements, wherever possible,celebrating the pupils and ensuring their Primary School experience is a happy and successful one.

I knew right away that I wanted my children to move schools and I was so proud that the children agreed. A year on I look proudly at how far my three have come, the fantastic experience my youngest has had in his exceptional Reception class, I look forward to seeing his Graduation ceremony in a couple of weeks, so much he has achieved, learnt, and developed in such a small space of time, I am very grateful.

My youngest daughter who had,had a negative experience at her last school, has settled brilliantly, she now looks forward to going to school, has made wonderful friends and has progressed well with reading, writing and spelling, what a difference a year can make.

My eldest daughter has completed her first year of key stage two with flying colours, she too has made lovely friends, has developed in her writing and spelling competing in the semi final of the schools spelling bee, her homework is consistently great, and she has really matured becoming far more independent and grown up, I cannot thank the school and its Teaching staff enough for welcoming us as a family and helping my children to settle so well.

I look forward to next year and the wonderful things they will learn do and develop in, it was a scary decision for us as parents to make but I am so glad we did, change can be a good thing, embrace it, trust your instincts and go for it whatever it is.


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