A Mum who doesnt like the Sun

I have never really liked hot weather, from a young age I have always preferred to stay indoors, in the shade, in the dark, I am pale and burn easily and have always found sunbathing a boring experience. I would rather go on a city break than a beach holiday, and prefer Autumn and winter seasons more than any other, I am glad to wear tights and a coat, longsleeves and boots.

Since having children however, being outside, sitting in parks is an unavoidable experience,and warm weather for children in a lot of ways makes life easier, playing outside, eating outside, water play, the fun and freedom of outdoors and being at one with nature, and the idea of that is appealing and I do want to love it,I really, really do but when actual hot weather strikes, with actual hot sun,It is a miserable experience for me indeed, I get a permanent headache, aggravated sinuses, feel weak and lethargic, sweat, find it hard to breathe, and frankly would like to hibernate until the dark nights draw in and I can get my coat out again. I can’t however as soon there is seven weeks of summer holidays to fill, and if the hot weather stays, the sitting in parks all day is inevitable, Garden play (or yard as we lack a garden), trips out all day, and that is great for the children, and for most people, but do think of me and other Sun dislikers, the indoor types, I will be the one dressed in very loose clothing in very dark sunglasses, under a parasol or a very shady tree, sipping icy water and looking very hot, weak and faint….and very much looking forward to a cold winter.


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