Happy Mail

Lately I have been inspired by other bloggers that have been encouraging letter writing again, sending “Happy” post to people, having penpals, bringing back paper. I also feel    passionate about this, in this day and age many children have never received a real letter in their lives, have never  written and sent one, some may not even know what a  stamp is, and are unable to write an address, this is such a  sad thing, I do not want letter writing to be a thing of the  past, therefore I have started to write letters again to friends  and family that are far away, and my eldest daughter is going to start writing to my friend’s daughter as a pen-friend how lovely it is to put pen to paper again, to take time and care to write neatly again, to buy nice notepaper and pens, to post letters and the best bit,receiving them, I look forward to making this a regular activity and do hope that my friends and family enjoy their letters. I encourage you all to do the same, to sharpen your pencils, dust off your notepaper, and write a letter, to anyone, about anything, and encourage young ones in your household to do the same. ….


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