I want to grow old with you

I wanted to write this blog post about Adam, my husband, my Best friend, my Soulmate, my rock.

He is the most fantastic Father and the kindest husband ever, my love for him grows more and more each day, I am so proud of him as a person, in the almost ten years we have been together, our relationship has got stronger and stronger, we make a fantastic team as partners and as parents and the best thing about him is that he makes me laugh so much, so much my sides hurt, he lets me shine and be the centre of attention, he cares for me and calms me down when I’m feeling stressed or worried, he lights up the children’s world,they adore him and when he is around  life is a better place , my life feels as it should be, and I don’t  ever quite function properly when he is not here.Yes he’s a stubborn thing and grumpy on a morning, but he compliments my personality perfectly.

The last two years have been difficult, And this last year Adam has been working hours that have turned our normal routine and family life rather upside down, they have affected us all and Adam, but he never lets his worries show , he gets on in the best possible way, he always says that things will be ok, and we always get through things and manage by the skin of our teeth, just…life is stressful for many I know and lots of people go through difficult things and times but Adam never complains and deserves to be happy more than anyone I know, and I hate it when I know deep down inside he is as stressed and worried as I am, he’s just less dramatic about it.

Last night I watched a programme where a couple had been together over sixty years,  it made me hope more than anything that Adam and I are together for many many years to come that we grow very old together and can look back on our long lives with a happy fulfilled heart and strong memories, because above all else we know that our love for each other will survive anything, and that no matter what happens we will get through anything together, and become stronger in the process. Thank you Adam for you with all your laid back,calm yet ever so slightly stubborn funny little ways, I love everything about you (even your love of Vinyl records)  You are the Best never stop being you xxxxxIMG_20150605_091146_hdr


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