Do you fancy a cuppa?

Am feeling quite lonely today,often times I enjoy the time on my own, the peace and quiet, reading, painting, crafting but sometimes it can make me feel quite sad and lonely having too much time on my own, it makes me miss my old friends far away, my parents, my husband at work who is so unhappy there, and I wish I could sort it all out for him, so I thought I would write this and sit and have a cup of tea with you all, a virtual one, I do hope you’re all having a lovely day wherever you are and whatever you are doing. A cup of tea really does seem to make things feel better.

I wanted to write a bit about friends again, I love being the hostess inviting friends into my warm inviting home, for them to feel wanted ,welcomed, relaxed . I love having friends for Tea and cake and chatting, and although I do like groups of ladies,my favourite is having just one good friend to focus on, one on one, giving them full attention, and they giving it back, enjoying each other’s company, sharing each other’s woes, however lately I feel it is always me doing all the inviting, doing the hosting I wonder if some people would ever bother at all if I didn’t do all the arranging, the effort, opening up my home, my heart, my friendship offered with full gaping open arms, my care, honesty, kindness, and listening ears. Sometimes I think why is it nobody ever seems to really offer it back? I would love for someone to say to me “Do you fancy a Cuppa?” just me and them because they want to offer me the friendship that I offer them, because they enjoy me for who I am, that they enjoy my company, maybe it’s just me, but sometimes it really bothers me, I wonder if some people want to be friends with me at all, if they are just being kind accepting invitation, I really thought this friendship malarchy would get easier as I get older, it seems not, do I even need it? I know I don’t need the extra stress and worry it causes, I know that I have my husband as my best friend, it would just be nice to have some genuine close female friendships too, that I can rely on and trust. .. …for now I will console myself in that big cup of tea ….Ah that’s better.


2 thoughts on “Do you fancy a cuppa?

  1. Hi, came across your blog through your insta account when I search #emmabridgewater.
    I’ve seen you around, I think your in York, anyway I thought I’d say I’ll have a cup of tea with you. Anytime. And I’ll do the inviting.

    Nikki 🙂

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