Feeling Insular

The usual me is a confident friendly, fun, sociable person, that enjoys nothing more than being with others, meeting for coffee, going to groups, chatting away, but some days and some weeks I feel completely the opposite, I know it’s down to the anxiety disorder that I suffer from, that sometimes I just can’t face the group’s, the friends that I love, the things I usually love doing, the daily tasks of life seem unachievable, those days I need space, time on my own, rest, silence, those days I wish I could keep my phone switched off, the curtains closed, and wrap myself in a blanket of comfort, Warmth and security, that someone else could take over just for a day until I can function again, today is one of those days, but no one can take over I must shower, muster the energy to get dressed, put the large pile of wet washing out on the line, there’s food I have to buy and I need to pick the children up from school. Maybe I will have just one more coffee first …………..


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