Books, reading and me

Books, I love books, so much, I love reading, I love buying books, I love Bookshops, Libraries, the smell, the excitement,the choice, my ever growing Amazon wishlist, my “want to read”, “need to read”list ever extending, never ending, I have always enjoyed books, and reading from a very young age, from simplistic, yet colourful Miffy books to Topsy and Tim and Ladybird fairytales, to The Jolly Postman, Adventures of Alfie, To Naughty little sister stories, Milly, Molly,Mandy, the works of Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, Anne fine, Jaqueline Wilson, to Jane Austen and Louise M.alcott, and to the books of study throughout school and University then to the books that reflect the different times of my life, the scripts and soundtracks of my youth, to the books I choose now in my adulthood.

As soon as I could see the pictures clearly  and the sounds of my parents reading voices, became words I could decipher, the voice of me, they bounced off the page right at me,  from the moment my mind could wander inside the story, the minute I became that character, the second I was ensconced into that place, from that moment, books and stories were an escapism, a delight,the books I had read shaped me, and a little piece of each of the many books I have read remain forever in my mind, sometimes I have had more time for reading than others I even gave up reading for a couple of years when my children were babies. Now I read as often as I can.

Sometimes I read a book that doesn’t transport me anywhere at all, the words remain forever stagnant on the page, and other times, I become so engrossed it as though the world around me has disappeared, paused for a while and I can’t stop reading until I have read it all, and then when it is over it is as though I am lost for a moment,bereft, wishing it had gone on for longer, I mourn for the characters that now have finished and gone like old friends from long ago, gone but not forgotten, their lives and stories and words forever printed in my mind.

Now with the easy downloadable aspect of kindles, and the bargain bookshops online.There is just so much choice, so many books I want to read, I can’t fit them all in, but I do try, I am particular in the types of books I like to read now, I love historical fiction, Classics and poignant memoirs of yesteryear, books about life and journeys and pilgrimages, Strong Women, and Social History, but I do also love being in a book group with friends where I sometimes have to read books, that otherwise I never would have read, and sometimes I surprise myself and enjoy them, even if I am convinced that I won’t. My love of books thankfully has transferred to my children, I delight in the fabulous arrays of children’s books around, New and old, and I love to hear my children read, and to read to them, and the pleasure that it brings, it helps them to develop in their language and writing and knowledge, it enriches their lives and imaginations, and it is a source of pleasure and I hope it will last as they grow, that they too will remember the books they have read, and that the magic of reading will last them a life time.

As the fabulous Dr Seuss wrote ” The more you read, the more things you will know.The more that you learn, the more places you will go”


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