Comfortable in my own skin

In my teens I found it very hard to fit in I did not have the confidence to just be myself, to wear the clothes I wanted , make up was my mask, my confidence as I never ever felt particularly pretty, in fact I felt that I looked a bit strange with my long face and very large eyes, I hid behind strong dramatic makeup, my insecurities of looking like me continued throughout  IMG_20150511_160115my twenties and it is only now in my mid thirties that I can say that I am truly comfortable looking at my face in a mirror, I still love dramatic makeup and vintage red lips, and change my hair colour and style as often as possible but I have finally found “my”style, after years of experimentation, of working out who I wanted to be,  and it does suit me I think, but I do not worry if I can’t be bothered to put on as much makeup some days, I have even been known to go out without any on at all and , although I don’t feel as comfortable,I now have the confidence to not mind as much. God made me me and I am beautiful inside and out, I will never be taller, my eyes won’t ever be smaller, I will always be the way that I am but I now feel ok with that, I am enjoying getting older, I no longer worry when my shape changes, that my body will never quite be what it once was before children, I don’t obsess over diet I just eat as healthily as I can and walk everywhere, I would like to do more proper walking, but not because I feel I should but because I want to for me, to feel healthy and happy as that is the most important thing in life, life is too short to worry about our looks, we are all different, all unique and that makes us special, and the world a more interesting place,so please do  love yourself, be yourself, be proud to be you you are all amazing just the way you are .


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